The Wharf

In partnership with the District of Columbia, the Hoffman - Madison Marquette team is presented with a magnificent opportunity to undo the urban renewal legacy of the past and recreate the Southwest Waterfront as a great world class destination. At the crossroads of monumental and local Washington, our vision is to create vital, thriving, activated spaces catering to visitors and residents alike.

We envision a waterfront

  With direct public access lined by cafes and restaurants where people meet, congregate and enjoy urban life.

  Active public spaces enlivened by public art serving as destinations where outdoor activities and festivities take place.

  A clean and healthy river on which people participate in a waterfront "theater" where boats, public piers, pedestrians, cyclists, retail patrons, and cultural programs come together in one vibrant location.

  Comprised of economically and socially integrated residences, commercial office space and hotels, and an array of destination and neighborhood oriented retail.

  Anchored by great cultural landmarks – on the south by a Cultural Center and on the north by the local landmark Washington Fish Market and a newly created Market Square.
  Created in a manner that is not only sustainable from a conscientious environmental perspective, but sustainable from a great, urban-place perspective; one in which waterfront uses, tourism, commerce, and residents not only coexist, but thrive.

Success of the Wharf will transform its surroundings and inspire more investment along the District’s riverfronts. We envision water taxis commuting fans to a ball game or bringing families for a visit to the Maritime Cultural Center. School children will observe the reconstruction of Tall Ships and learn their history. Friends will gather around café tables along the promenade. Tourists will venture from the Mall to visit the waterfront. Visibility will be raised, as will the quality of life for those who experience the Southwest Waterfront.



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