2018 District's Holiday Boat Parade Winners

We're excited to announce the winners of this year's District's Holiday Boat Parade!

  • THE DISTRICT’S HOLIDAY BOAT PARADE WINNERS 2018 Best in Parade- $1,000 & crystal trophy to Captain Linda Purdy for her Bohemian Rhapsody decorations aboard the LECHYDA
  • Community Choice Award- $500 & crystal trophy to Captains Tina and Mike Moreau for their Nightmare Before Christmas decorations aboard BLOWN AWAY
  • Best Sail Boat- $500 & crystal tray to Captain Dave Easter for his Jingle Bones decorations aboard the FIREFLY
  • Best Motor Boat- $500 & crystal tray to Captain Walter Weiss for his Hanukkah—The Festival of Lights decorations aboard the LETTER OF MARQUE
  • 1st Place- $500 & crystal trophy to Captain Kathy Heet for her Nightmare Before Christmas decorations aboard the YELLOW ROSE
  • 2nd Place- $400 & crystal trophy to Captain Tonia Dollinger for her Buddy The Elf’s Night Out Christmas decorations aboard MAGICAL KNOTS
  • 3rd Place- $300 & crystal trophy to Captain Keula Binelly for her Winter Wonderland decorations aboard the KEULA BINELLY
  • Founder’s Award- $200 & crystal tray to Captain Steven Gwensberg for his Snoopy’s Christmas decorations aboard A BLAST
  • Producer’s Choice Award- $200 & crystal tray to Captain Doug Savage for his Little Drummers Boy and Friends aboard DARK STAR
  • Most Animated Crew- $200 & crystal tray to Captain Tim Fontana for his Snow and Mistletoe decorations aboard the WISP
  • Best Reflection on The Water- $200 & crystal tray to Captain Joe Wasiak his Nativity decorations aboard ANATHOR
  • Most Amazing Detail- $200 & crystal tray to Captain Wil Neubauer for his Blue Christmas decorations aboard O SEE DEE
  • Most Ingenious Idea- $150 & crystal tray to Captain Seth Frankel for his CAPS! CAPS! CAPS! decorations aboard MENTAL RECESSION
  • Most Likely to Capsize- $100 & crystal tray to Captain Kirt Barbee for his Gilligan’s Island Christmas decorations aboard MISS BEHAVIN’ 3

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