Park at The Wharf

Wharf Parking Garage 1 - Sutton Square

Visitors to The Wharf can park their cars in Wharf Parking Garage 1-Sutton Square.

The entrance to the underground garage is located at 19 Sutton Square SW, Washington, DC 20024, just off Maine Avenue SW.

For inquiries about Wharf Parking Garage 1-Sutton Square, please contact The Wharf at (202) 688-3590.

Weekday Parking Rates
0-½ Hour: $5
½ - 1 Hour: $10
1 - 2 Hours: $19
2 - 3 Hours: $25
3 - 4 Hours: $30
More Than 4 Hours: $38

Weekends and Special Event Parking Rates
0 - ½ Hour: $5
½ - 1 Hour: $10
1 - 2 Hours: $20
2 - 3 Hours: $27
3 - 4 Hours: $35
More Than 4 Hours: $45

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Water Taxi & Jitney

Introducing one of the best ways to view the city and the easiest mode of transportation to get to destinations on the Potomac and Anacostia rivers: our new water taxi. And if you just want to get across the Washington Channel, catch the Wharf Jitney to East Potomac Park for a round of golf or a leisurely stroll.

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Fresh seafood is a given on the waterfront. But The Wharf offers more, including a wide selection of distinctive choices for food, drinks, and entertainment while you eat. Watch the chefs prepare your meal. Listen to music. Or just people-watch while you savor the flavors of The Wharf.

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