Park at The Wharf

Wharf Parking Garage 3

Beginning May 2022, visitors to The Wharf may park their cars in Wharf Parking Garage 3.

The entrance to the underground garage is located at 602 Water Street SW, just off Maine Avenue SW.

For inquiries about Wharf Parking Garage 3, please contact The Wharf at (202) 688-3590.

Weekday Parking Rates
0-½ Hour: $5
½ - 1 Hour: $10
1 - 2 Hours: $19
2 - 3 Hours: $25
3 - 4 Hours: $30
More Than 4 Hours: $38

Weekends and Special Event Parking Rates
0 - ½ Hour: $5
½ - 1 Hour: $10
1 - 2 Hours: $20
2 - 3 Hours: $27
3 - 4 Hours: $35
More Than 4 Hours: $45

Special Event parking rates take effect at 4pm on dates with shows on The Anthem calendar.

Parking rates reset at 4:00am.
Restaurant validation may affect rates.
Please take ticket with you.

Handicap accessible parking spaces are available in all garages. The clearance height in all garages is 8' 2".

View map of parking entrances at The Wharf

View current parking rates



Water Taxi & Jitney

Introducing one of the best ways to view the city and the easiest mode of transportation to get to destinations on the Potomac and Anacostia rivers: our new water taxi. And if you just want to get across the Washington Channel, catch the Wharf Jitney to East Potomac Park for a round of golf or a leisurely stroll.

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Fresh seafood is a given on the waterfront. But The Wharf offers more, including a wide selection of distinctive choices for food, drinks, and entertainment while you eat. Watch the chefs prepare your meal. Listen to music. Or just people-watch while you savor the flavors of The Wharf.

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