The Wharf Vision

A Neighborhood with Heart and Soul

Twenty-four acres of land. Fifty acres of water. Countless possibilities. With 20 million visitors yearly, and a resident population of 9 million people within an hour’s drive, Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s vision of The Wharf will hold an enviable position at the epicenter of national tourism, history, business, research and power.

The Wharf is immediately adjacent to Interstate 395, Washington’s major North/South freeway, carrying 175,000 vehicles per day, and is a short four-block walk from two Metrorail stations. The Wharf’s mile long waterside promenade, unrivaled in the region, along with its 3.2 million square feet of residential, office, hotel, retail and cultural space, underground parking, piers, marinas, parks and open spaces will provide Washington, D.C. with a vibrant reconnection to its waterfront, all a part of the careful planning and development expertise of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront. There is simply no comparable development opportunity in existence.