Breaking New Ground

More than a decade in the making, The Wharf took a highly thoughtful and innovative approach to urban planning and placemaking that is apparent in every component, from the building design to the street system to the integration of technology.

The vision was to create a true waterfront neighborhood that optimizes this rare space with a vibrant mix of uses and offers residents and visitors unrivaled experiences at all times of the day. To achieve this, we broke up Southwest DC’s existing “superblocks” of development, and instead created throughways and alleys that provide seamless service routes and introduced pedestrian-friendly blocks. The result is a neighborhood with “human-scaled spaces” that feels intimate yet lively, is highly walkable, and supports active transportation—all while embracing and celebrating the waterfront, our most amazing resource.

The Wharf also uses technology to maximize enjoyable experiences and facilitate conversations:

Free Public Wi-Fi: available throughout The Wharf, as well as on the Wharf Jitney and Southwest Shuttle Bus

The Wharf Website: a comprehensive hub with information about all the restaurants, shops, offices, residences, music venues, events, ways to enjoy the waterfront, and much more

District Wharf App: a newsfeed, event information, directory, and historical information—easily accessible at your fingertips. Download for Apple or Android devices.

The Web and App: real-time information about how to get to and from The Wharf, including water taxi schedule, Southwest Shuttle, Capital Bikeshare availability, and number of parking spaces in the garage.

Biweekly e-Newsletter: subscribers receive news, events, and updates about the Wharf (like new retailers and restaurants) every two weeks

Social Media: followers can stay informed and entertained on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with up-to-the-minute announcements (including timely tweets about parking availability)

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Whether you’re looking for something specific or simply like to spend a few hours in our unique collection of stores, chances are you’ll find just what you’re looking for at our shops at The Wharf. And, of course, you can always treat yourself to a delicious dessert—or celebrate your shopping finds with a drink at one of our restaurants.

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Get Your Fill at The Wharf

Fresh seafood is a given at DC’s Southwest Waterfront. But The Wharf offers more, including a wide selection of distinctive choices for food, drinks, and entertainment while you eat. Watch the chefs prepare your meal. Listen to live music. Or just people-watch while you savor the flavors of The Wharf.

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