Code of Conduct and Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Wharf pet-friendly?
Yes, The Wharf is a pet-friendly neighborhood, including the Canopy, Hyatt House, and Intercontinental hotels. Please note that all pets must be leashed, and that you are responsible for picking up after your pets (there are pet waste disposal stations at 7th Street Park). Check with any shops or restaurants that you plan to visit about their pet policies. Please use discretion during events, when we often have conditions that may make pets uncomfortable, including large crowds, food, and loud sounds.

Can I take professional photos/video at The Wharf?
Before any type of professional filming or photography at The Wharf, you must submit a Photography/Videography Request and receive written approval from The Wharf Community Association, which manages the outdoor spaces at The Wharf.  Requests for personal photography (such as an engagement photoshoot) which utilize minimal equipment and do not disrupt Wharf events, streets, or businesses will often be quickly approved by The Wharf Community Association with no associated fee. Commercial and editorial photography or videography may require a location contract, insurance, and permit fee. General filming rules: No blocking roads, no risqué outfits or nudity, no fake or real weapons. Equipment, crew, and talent must be scheduled and approved in advance.

Does The Wharf have security?
The District Wharf Community Association takes your safety and security very seriously. We employ private security with a command center that is operational 24 hours a day, with a robust camera system. We proudly partner with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (DCFEMS), and other law enforcement agencies. Please report any incidents or suspicious activities to the security officers onsite. All incidents are documented.

Is The Wharf ADA accessible?
The Wharf was built in compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines. To ensure all can enjoy the waterfront, all buildings and exterior locales are equipped with ramps and elevators. Paver walkways are adjacent to the waterfront’s cobblestone paths.

Can I reserve advance parking in the parking garage?
Hourly, daily, and monthly parking in The Wharf underground garage can be reserved in advance through Colonial Parking. To learn more about driving, public transit, water taxi, and other methods of getting to The Wharf, visit our Getting Here page.

What is there for kids to do?
Take a look at our Kids Activities page for a long list of activities and spaces to explore with children. 

What are your site rules?
The following are prohibited in public areas of The Wharf:

  • Weapons
  • Pedicabs
  • ATVs
  • Fishing and crabbing
  • Coolers, lawn furniture, chairs, or tents
  • Sleeping
  • Releasing balloons
  • Scattering confetti, petals, rice, or similar materials
  • Food trucks or catering (unless permitted by The Wharf for a private event)
  • Amplified music (unless permitted by The Wharf)
  • Open flames or grills (unless permitted by The Wharf)
  • Fireworks (unless permitted by The Wharf)
  • Solicitation of any kind, including engaging in commercial activity (such as offering any item for sale), or conducting surveys or distributing literature, flyers, samples or other items, or requesting donations is prohibited
  • Engaging in expressive activity without the prior written consent by The Wharf

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes. If you lost an item at a restaurant, bar, music venue, or hotel, please reach out to that venue first. Any items found outside at The Wharf are held by the District Wharf Community Association for two weeks. If you lost an item, please use the Contact Us form and select 'Lost and Found' to email us your inquiry. Items are turned over to MPD after 30 days. 

Can I park my bicycle, moped, or scooter at The Wharf?
Dozens of bicycle racks are available along the Maine Avenue SW cycletrack and two free, public bicycle parking zones are available in The Wharf's underground garage (located at the base of the Blair Alley and Sutton Square garage entrances). Limited bicycle parking is available along Wharf Street SW. All buildings at The Wharf (apartments, condos, and offices) have dedicated secure bicycle parking spaces in the garage. Contact your building manager for access.

Bicycle racks are provided for short-term use. Bicycles parked at The Wharf and unattended for more than 14 days may be removed. Bicycles locked to any item besides a bicycle rack (such as a railing, tree, or crowd fencing) may be removed immediately. The Wharf is not responsible for damage or theft of bicycles left on site.

All motorized two-wheel vehicles--such as scooters and mopeds of any CC engine size--are prohibited from parking on any interior roadways or pathways at The Wharf (including, but not limited to Wharf Street, Water Street, Market Square, Blair Alley, District Square, Sutton Square, Pearl Street, and 7th Street Park). Any motorized two-wheel vehicles parked in these areas may be immediately removed and confiscated.  Motorized two-wheel vehicles may park along Maine Avenue SW and must not block any pedestrian, bicycle, or vehicular pathway.

Where are the public restrooms?
For your convenience, there are several public restrooms throughout The Wharf:
•  Jetty Terminal Building on Transit Pier, below Cantina Bambina (wheelchair accessible)
•  Water Street SW below 800 Maine Avenue, next to Array Floral (wheelchair accessible)
•  Fish Market area, below Tiki TNT
•  Market Pier floating restrooms, available to boaters using Market Docks

Can I smoke?
The Wharf is a non-smoking environment. Please limit smoking to designated areas on Maine Avenue. Smoking marijuana and using other drugs is prohibited.

Can I drink alcohol outside?
Consuming alcohol is only permitted in restaurant or bar establishments, or in permitted zones during special events.

How do I perform at The Wharf?
Only authorized performers are permitted to perform at The Wharf. Please submit an "Outdoor Street Performers" request on the Contact Us page to be considered.

Can I dock my boat at The Wharf?
Yes, for overnight dockage, visit The Wharf Marina. For hourly dockage, visit the Wharf Day Docks.

Can I have my event at The Wharf?
Yes. The Wharf is home to multiple indoor and outdoor event venues in a wide range of sizes, and is also connected to a full suite of wraparound services to make your event perfect, including hotels, restaurants, catering, A/V, and party equipment rentals. Learn more about our event spaces and services here.

Where should my bus/limousine/truck drop off?
Due to the tight turning radiuses and large pedestrian volumes at The Wharf, buses, limousines, trucks, and commercial delivery vehicles are prohibited from driving in any entrances or circles at The Wharf. All deliveries, trucks, and taxi, bus, and limousine drop-offs must utilize Maine Avenue SW, where the curb lane is entirely dedicated to Pick Up/Drop Off only. View The Wharf Map to determine which block of Maine Avenue SW is closest to your destination.

What are the rules for the parks and piers?
Enjoy your visit and please be courteous to others. Observe all DC laws and regulations. Pick up and clean up after your pet (there are pet waste disposal stations at 7th Street Park). Remove all personal trash when you leave.

The following are strictly forbidden:
•  Smoking
•  Alcohol consumption and/or drug use
•  Amplified music
•  Off-leash pets
•  Feeding birds or other animals
•  Bike riding (please walk your bike)
•  Skateboarding or rollerblading
•  Motorized bikes or vehicles
•  Open flames or propane grills
•  Fireworks
•  Glass or glass bottles
•  Food trucks or catering
•  Fishing or crabbing
•  Releasing balloons
•  Swimming from pier
•  Sleeping
•  Tents, hammocks, or sun canopies
•  Leaving personal items unattended
•  Using chalk or spray paint
•  Posting flyers
•  Unsanctioned commercial activities

Parks and piers at The Wharf are privately maintained spaces created for public enjoyment, and may at times close for seasonal maintenance or private events. Failure to abide by the above regulations could result in immediate removal from the area. Thank you for your cooperation.

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