Building Our Community

At The Wharf, “community” has always had a larger meaning. From the start, it was the foundation this development was built on, the idea that informed every decision made. And it doesn’t just take into account the people who live and work here, but also its surrounding communities and the larger region as a whole. The Wharf is built on the vision of creating a place that brings the community together; a place that benefits its residents, neighbors, and visitors; a place that honors its past and welcomes its future—a place where DC meets to enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences at the waterfront.


Providing Affordable and Workforce Housing

With its sparkling water views, brand new buildings, and bustling restaurants and shops, The Wharf is where people want to be in the District

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Offering Community Spaces, Activities, and Events

Whether you live at The Wharf, come here often, or are just spending the day, the waterfront welcomes you to explore its open spaces and take advantage of the many free activities and events that bring the community together all year long.

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Creating Jobs, Apprenticeships, and Business Opportunities

From the development and construction of the buildings and infrastructure, to the operations of this community, The Wharf has already proven to be a major job creator in the region.

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Serving Plentiful Food Options

The fresh air and free activities at The Wharf can sure help you work up an appetite, so it’s great that most of our restaurants, eateries, and other venues offer affordable meals and inexpensive dishes on their menus.

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Breaking New Ground

More than a decade in the making, The Wharf took a highly thoughtful and innovative approach to urban planning and placemaking that is apparent in every component, from the building design to the street system to the integration of technology.

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Spearheading Public-Private Partnership

District Wharf is a model public-private partnership that began more than a decade ago.

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Engaging in Community Outreach

The developers behind The Wharf have been committed to working with the larger community from the start.

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Giving Back

The Wharf is an active and dedicated supporter of the local community, both through corporate giving initiatives and the volunteer efforts of our employees and partners.

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