Providing Affordable and Workforce Housing

With its sparkling water views, brand new buildings, and bustling restaurants and shops, The Wharf is where people want to be in the District. And with more than 30 percent of affordable and workforce apartments, it is also a place that a wide variety of people are able to call their home. In fact, no residents were displaced to build The Wharf—instead, the community now offers 1077 new apartments, 336 of which are affordable and workforce apartments.

Located in the three rental buildings, Incanto, The Channel, and The Tides, the affordable and workforce apartments offer all residents the same access to their respective building’s amenities, location, and services. The result is a seamless blend of people of all walks of life living and enjoying their neighborhood together.

Tenants for the affordable and workforce apartments are selected through a lottery administered by the DC Department of Housing. The units in Phase 1 had more than 4,000 applicants. 

Rents for affordable and workforce apartments are based on the median family income (MFI) and break allotments down to 30%, 60%, 100%, and 120% of MFI, which means that The Wharf is able to offer a home to DC residents with annual incomes of $34,850 for a family of three.

  • 98 apartments for 30% MFI (with rents starting at $533/month)
  • 95 apartments for 60% MFI (with rents starting at $1,149/month)
  • 96 apartments for 100% MFI (with rents starting at $1,590/month)
  • 47 apartments for 120% MFI (with rents starting at $1,670/month)
  • Total: 336 (31.2%) affordable and workforce apartment units

In addition to the multifamily housing options, The Wharf features the condominiums at Amaris, VIO, and 525 Water, which contribute to the growing tax base and revenues that benefit the District of Columbia and its residents as a whole. 525 Water featured five homes at 50% MFI and six homes at 80% MFI, and purchasers were selected through the DHCD lottery process.


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