Creating Jobs, Apprenticeships, and Business Opportunities

From the development and construction of the buildings and infrastructure, to the operations of this community, The Wharf has already proven to be a major job creator in the region. In addition, the new businesses, restaurants, hotels, and shops that opened at the waterfront are a continuous multiplier of employment opportunities that will serve the neighborhood and its residents well into the future.

During construction alone, more than 8,000 people worked here, including 1,284 new hires. The Wharf team works diligently to meet and exceed the hiring goals established by the District of Columbia. The goal percentages listed below are for the duration of the entire development, including Phase 2. As of June 2018, The Wharf surpassed most First Source Program goals (a program that ensures city residents are given priority for new jobs created by municipal funding and development programs):

  • Ward 8 Hires: 193  (31%, goal is 20%)
  • DC Hires: 628  (49%, goal is 51%)
  • DC Apprentices: 222  (54%, goal is 51%)
  • East of The River Apprentices: 77  (35%, goal is 30%)

The same success can be seen in the hiring for Wharf operations, with a total of 595 people employed so far, including 508 new hires. The First Source program extends beyond construction and into the first five years of Wharf operations for positions such property management, security, hotel operations, and more. As of June 2018, 257 (51%) of new hires for these types of operational and management roles were First Source DC Hires—an achievement that is also due to the collaborative efforts of The Wharf with Council Members Charles Allen and Elissa Silverman, who host Wharf Operations Career Fairs that are well attended by many of The Wharf’s operators, retailers, and restaurants.

Other noteworthy achievements:

As of 2018 Q2, Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) expenditures were $382,123,996 (48%, required: 35%)

31 Building Futures graduates were awarded jobs with Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW) and/or Wharf contractors

As part of its Land Disposition Agreement, HMW contributed $1 million to The District for Workforce Intermediary Programs.  In collaboration with the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, HMW is finalizing details of workforce development programs to be supported with the funds, with programs projected to commence in early 2019. 

The Wharf has partnered with Broad Futures to create a pilot internship program focused on young adults with intellectual disabilities, and was able to place 10 Broad Futures interns in operational positions


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